Hidden Magic
Hidden Magic


This debut young adult fantasy is a magic-filled adventure unlike any other.

When Raiden Aldor Cael accidentally runs through a portal and causes his world to crash with Nicole Jameson’s, her life as a high school senior and his life of solitude intertwine to become a whirlwind of change. As they embark on a journey to uncover the hidden magic that brought them together—a great power inside Nicole—they soon discover that her new abilities come with a realm full of enemies.

After Nicole leaves behind everything she has ever known, she must master her volatile powers before her enemies can find her. As she struggles to reconcile her independence with a growing attraction to Raiden, he is haunted by visions of Nicole's demise and a future of his own with someone else. When nightmares and mistakes from Raiden's past come looking for him, he risks everything while leading Nicole into the very fate he hopes to change. Together they must fight for their lives and the right to decide their own destinies—or else let their enemies decide for them.


In this gripping tale, two teens from different worlds must determine how to utilize the dangerous power within one girl to conquer the adversaries that go with it as their futures precariously hang in the balance.


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