Hi everyone!

I've really neglected updating blogs as they are not as readily accessible in this era of social media apps and mico-attention spans. I have a bad habit of favoring my Twitter and Instagram accounts where I can post on impluse rather than communicating thoughtfully. I tend reserve my computer time for working on book three, but that's why I'm back with a blog update! Book three is on it's way and so are some changes involving the first two books...

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On behalf of Isaac Marion, we would like to thank you for choosing Warm Bodies Airlines. Please fasten your seatbelts, sit back and enjoy the flight.

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It has been a busy summer but the "tour" is far from over. I will be in California later this month and in Seattle the first half of September!

August 19-20: Manhattan Beach B&N,  1:00-5:00p (Sat. & Sun.)

August 26: Long Beach, Marina Pacifica B&N, 1:00-5:00p 

September 2: Tukwilla, WA Southcenter B&N, 1:00-3:00p

September 9: Bellevue, WA B&N, 1:00-3:00p

September 16: Seattle Northgate Mall B&N, 4:00-6:00p

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Hi everyone! Here is a list of my upcoming signings, they are all at Barnes & Noble stores:

June 3rd -- B&N Yuma, AZ

June 24th -- B&N Chandler, AZ

July 1st -- B&N Bloomington, IL

July 8th -- B&N Fairview Heights, IL

July 15th -- B&N Long Beach, CA (Marina Pacifica located on the PCH)

July 22nd -- B&N Tucson, AZ (on Ina Road)

July 23rd -- B7N Surprise, AZ

To celebrate the approach of book two of the Hidden Magic series, Lost Prophecy, I will have very special gifts for any of my current readers who bring a friend to get a book at an event. Bring a friend and get a sneak peak at book two.

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In celebration of Earth Day, here is a little something I wrote just a few weeks ago...

Long before anything remotely human stood erect, the world was something to be felt, lived, tasted. Her beauty, all her gentle music and trembling rage, her kindness and cruelty, crafted man like every other crawling child on her bosom. Then humanity stood up and stumbled, scratched and sculpted words. He forced his phallic ego into every orifice she had to offer, to prove that she was made for him and nothing else, until he believed it himself. But the world is too wise to argue. She knows she was here millenia before Man's petulant tirade. Her strength, her wonder, her beauty predates Man's feeble conciousness and his lackluster language he uses to define her. She is greater than the sea of words he heaved from his ignorance. Humanity may abuse her,  age her, grey her, but her sunsets were here before him and will be here  long after he is dirt again.  He will measure her against himself, call her ugly when he does heinous things and cruel when she does not coddle him. But she still spins, dancing as she always has, painting sunsets words cannot completely grasp, singing songs man drowns out with his own noise, shouting widsom he will ignore until the day he is finally gone. She will remain, tired and tarnished but more beautiful than ever because she endured. good to her.

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There have been some recent developments that during this journey of mine, and I just have to set work on book two aside for a bit this morning to share the news! After the second sales quarter more than 600 copies of Hidden Magic have been sold, a milestone which earned me special recognition from my publisher iUniverse in the form of the Star Program.

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It has been far too long since I have written a blog,  certainly not for a lack of writing, but rather because I have been writing. As more and more readers ask me about the continuation of Hidden Magic, I feel the mounting pressure to get book 2 published as soon as possible. But what matters most is that the second installment of Nicole, Raiden and Gordan's story is the best that it can be.

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As you may have guessed by the little teaser in the last blog, Hidden Magic is just the beginning!

The adventure continues for Raiden, Nicole and Gordan in two more books! That's right. I am working hard to get the second book ready for the publishing process. It did require some rewriting since ALL THREE of these books began in 2005 and I finished them in 2011.  I CAN tell you that book 2 is coming  FALL 2017!

Now since the cover is not designed until the production stage of the publishing process, the only way to provide the covers of the coming books for you was for me to design them myself. Having the title fonts from the publisher and the first cover as inspiration was all I needed. Since the cover of Hidden Magic features  the forest where much of the story takes place, I just needed to find the right representations of crucial locations within the next two books. The images needed to have spacial depth just like the cover of Hidden Magic has. Then it was up to me to manipulate colors and effects to produce the right balance of darkness to light, and hopefully create that eerie beauty which my publisher's designer Jess managed to create for HM. 


Keep reading to get a peak at the preliminary titles and covers for books 2 and 3!

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Wonder how Hidden Magic got its cover?

Well before I got to the design process of production I did my best to come up with an idea for the cover.  It might be pretty obvious, but the title has a HUGE influence on the imagery that comes to mind when you are brainstorming a book cover.

This book actually had TOO MANY different titles to count before "Hidden Magic" arrived. Thankfully my dear friend and High School Freshman English teacher Mrs. Leggett gave me some valuable opinions about the book included the title: Beyond Sight.

"It's too cerebral," she told me. It didn't give the reader a good sense of what the story was really about and I agreed. She suggeseted something along the lines of "Portals & Magic" along with providing some great notes on the story. I already knew that "Portals & Magic" felt too plain to me but she was right, and it didn't take me long to realize that the core of the plot was the title I was looking for: the magic concealed inside Nicole is the catalyst for everything. Thus Hidden Magic.

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Hidden Magic  is currently ON THE SHELF at the following Barnes & Noble locations:

Yuma, AZ (also available at Hastings!)

Torrance, CA

Marina Del Rey, CA

Burbank, CA

Glendale, CA (Americana Shopping Center)

Long Beach, CA (on Carson Blvd)

Long Beach, CA (on Pacific Coast Hwy)


...magic is coming  and should arrive SOON to these B&N locations:

Tempe, AZ

Mesa, AZ

Gilbert, AZ

Tucson, AZ (both Foothills AND on Broadway!)

Portland, OR


The quest to bring MAGIC to more bookstores continues. I will keep you posted when new locations have ordered/stocked Hidden Magic.

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I will be having 2 Hidden Magic book signings during the nationwide Barnes & Noble Teen Book Fest! AND I will be appearing at a local charity event to support the fight against Lupus and to spread a little magic.

Long Beach, CA  @ B&N (on Pacfic Coast Highway) - Friday June 10th, 5:00-7:00p

Lomita, CA @ Brood 9 Martial Arts  - Saturday June 11th, 11:00a - 2:00p

Yuma, AZ  @ B&N - Sunday June 12th, 11:00a-4:00p

This is so incredibly exciting. It will be a crazy weekend. Getting to meet  readers of Hidden Magic is always the highlight of my day. If you are in the area on these days, come on by and see me. Especially at the Lupus Charity Workout on Saturday the 12th! Help us solve the mystery, support research and treatment for Lupus sufferers.

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This is my book soundtrack. These songs reflect the point of view of the 3 main characters through the book (in order of the book's events). Hope you enjoy!

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Exciting times are ahead! 2 copes of Hidden Magic have been spirtited away to the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award Contest!!

Multiple entries are allowed, so Hidden Magic will be competing in both the Young Adult category and the Genre Fiction category.

Entry closes May 2nd and then...we wait. Since starting this publishing journey, I certainly have gotten used to the waiting game. To pass the time, however, I will have to amuse myself and my dear followers with contests of our own! 

I have two hardcover copies of Hidden Magic anxiously waiting to be in the hands of a new reader and I want to put them in YOUR hands. Keep your eyes on the facebook pages (CC Rae and Hidden Magic) and remember I'm on Twitter and Instagram as well. You could win a FREE sign-ed copy of Hidden Magic for yourself or a friend.

And don't forget, if you have already read the book, be sure to head over to and add a review. I just might be choosing a winner from among them.    ;)

Happy Weekend to all!

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I have been quiet about the book since the initial release at the start of February. The reason why being that I was having the book worked on! Guess what! Hidden Magic is now on its THIRD edition!  What are the differences? Well I wasn't happy with the book size AND we found six (YES, SIX) errors in the book! Unfortunately, there was very poor communication from my publisher and that story is a blog in itself. So how do you know what EDITION you have?

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I've got a little treat for you. I'm packing up to move and thought I would share a glimpse of the many mauscripts that came before Hidden Magic's final version. Check out all the nerdy hoarding in my video!

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This coming Friday Hidden Magic will have been in proof reading for 3 weeks. I'm so psyched about getting it back and seeing the final book proof. I've only been waiting for this moment for, I don't know, 10 YEARS! Ever since I finished this story my Sophomore year of high school and realized I had a book on my hands (and what else do you do with a book but publish it?) I've been dreaming of this. I'm going to try my very best not to check my email obsessively every hour on the hour of every day this week. Realistically I won't be getting the final proof until sometime next week. But for the life of me I can't stifle my optimistic anticipation and hope that I get the email this week!

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If I'm being entirely honest here, my parents are mostly to blame for my overactive imagination. It's Christmas Eve, and I can't help remembering the great lengths my mom and dad went to in order to bring Santa to life every year for me and my sister. Before our rational brains got the best of us, my sister and I enjoyed some truly magical Christmas mornings.

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Hidden Magic is currently undergoing final changes to cover design and interior formatting before it goes to final proof reading! Estimated time for this process 3-4 weeks. Check back soon for new updates!

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I’m 25 years old and, frankly, I haven’t spent all that much time in “the real world.” I have been living in fiction for as long as I can remember. As a 90s baby I am a walking catalog of Disney movie quotes and every other movie I’ve seen. Like most kids, I relished playing pretend and creating elaborate adventures with my friends. Sadly, we reach a certain age when we outgrow that narrow social acceptance for playing pretend out in the open. It’s when we gradually, or suddenly, become aware of society, it’s “norms” and it’s ever-present eye. You know what I’m talking about. First our friends don’t want to play the same make-believe games anymore. Then we start to be self conscious about those desires. No other kids on the playground are playing pretend anymore, so you better not either. We get so embarrassed about what we secretly love that we’re appalled when our parents mention it, and we try to pretend they don’t know us at all. Then somewhere along the way we totally get over our embarrassment and just miss the freedom. Eventually we get to the point of feeling envy when we see a kid make voices for their toys, or running around dueling invisible enemies. They’re allowed to be weird, and we’re usually thinking something along the lines of: “shit, if I was doing that right now people would look at me like I was insane.”

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