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More Magic to Come!

As you may have guessed by the little teaser in the last blog, Hidden Magic is just the beginning!

The adventure continues for Raiden, Nicole and Gordan in two more books! That's right. I am working hard to get the second book ready for the publishing process. It did require some rewriting since ALL THREE of these books began in 2005 and I finished them in 2011.  I CAN tell you that book 2 is coming  FALL 2017!

Now since the cover is not designed until the production stage of the publishing process, the only way to provide the covers of the coming books for you was for me to design them myself. Having the title fonts from the publisher and the first cover as inspiration was all I needed. Since the cover of Hidden Magic features  the forest where much of the story takes place, I just needed to find the right representations of crucial locations within the next two books. The images needed to have spacial depth just like the cover of Hidden Magic has. Then it was up to me to manipulate colors and effects to produce the right balance of darkness to light, and hopefully create that eerie beauty which my publisher's designer Jess managed to create for HM. 


Keep reading to get a peak at the preliminary titles and covers for books 2 and 3!

With such a great foundation to start with and over 10 years of photoshop use under my belt, I managed to drum up a couple covers that I am tremendously happy with. To be quite honest, I very well might submit these as the covers. Unless my publisher can make them better, these are likely to be the covers you see on bookshelves in the next 2 years!


Enjoy these teasers...


Book 2 Cover


Book 3 Cover


Stay tuned for more exclusive behind-the-scenes content. You just may get a chance to read the first chapter of Lost Prophecy sometime SOON!


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