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New Chapter

There have been some recent developments that during this journey of mine, and I just have to set work on book two aside for a bit this morning to share the news! After the second sales quarter more than 600 copies of Hidden Magic have been sold, a milestone which earned me special recognition from my publisher iUniverse in the form of the Star Program.

This means that my self publisher iUniverse will assign me an agent and they will represent me to traditional publishing houses, audio book publishers, and international publishers.

So I had to sign a new contract with iUniverse, and this time I signed a hard copy which had to be mailed to them. My first contract was all signed electronically, so this time everything felt far more, well, binding.

So, naturally, signing this...

...felt like this...

But in a totally AWESOME way. So now I get to wait anxiously (through a long weekend no less) that they have my contract and we can move forward. When I know more about the process of searching for a traditional publisher and such I will share the news. At this point I do not know what this means for the plans to get book two published, seeing as a contract with a publishing house would most likely include the next books. That is one topic I am anxious to ask my iUniverse agent about, among several other things.

On top of the new contract, I am also an anxious wreck about the annoucements for the Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards. They are supposed to be notifying winners via email no later than October 12th, which means I have FIVE DAYS left to suffer through before I know for sure I haven't won anything. I do my best not to check my email every 10 minutes. Writing helps me forget to do that, haha!

Well, that's all I have to share for now. I hope to have more good news soon. Now it's back to work on book two!



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