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She Endures

In celebration of Earth Day, here is a little something I wrote just a few weeks ago...

Long before anything remotely human stood erect, the world was something to be felt, lived, tasted. Her beauty, all her gentle music and trembling rage, her kindness and cruelty, crafted man like every other crawling child on her bosom. Then humanity stood up and stumbled, scratched and sculpted words. He forced his phallic ego into every orifice she had to offer, to prove that she was made for him and nothing else, until he believed it himself. But the world is too wise to argue. She knows she was here millenia before Man's petulant tirade. Her strength, her wonder, her beauty predates Man's feeble conciousness and his lackluster language he uses to define her. She is greater than the sea of words he heaved from his ignorance. Humanity may abuse her,  age her, grey her, but her sunsets were here before him and will be here  long after he is dirt again.  He will measure her against himself, call her ugly when he does heinous things and cruel when she does not coddle him. But she still spins, dancing as she always has, painting sunsets words cannot completely grasp, singing songs man drowns out with his own noise, shouting widsom he will ignore until the day he is finally gone. She will remain, tired and tarnished but more beautiful than ever because she endured. good to her.


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