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The Fate of Book Three

Hi everyone!

I've really neglected updating blogs as they are not as readily accessible in this era of social media apps and mico-attention spans. I have a bad habit of favoring my Twitter and Instagram accounts where I can post on impluse rather than communicating thoughtfully. I tend reserve my computer time for working on book three, but that's why I'm back with a blog update! Book three is on it's way and so are some changes involving the first two books...

Hidden Magic and Lost Prophecy were published using what is generally called a vanity publisher in the Indie Publishing industry. That just means that the self publisher I used offers the various services like editing, design and marketing all under one roof. There were some distinct advantages which lead me to this publishing option and which have indeed proven to be useful in gaining some footing with the first two books. But as I near finishing book three, my inability to publish it through the same costly route that I used for the first two books forced me to research my options and led me to a surprisingly simple alternative.

The solution: cutting out the middle man (the vanity publisher) and go straight to the print-on-demand printer that is currently printing HM and LP.  Rather than signing contracts and paying stupid amounts of money to have them create the book files that go to the printer, I will be creating those files myself and effectively becoming my own publisher. It was a no-brainer since I already design my own covers in photoshop and have arguably the most competent editor out there who delights in editing my books for me AFTER THEY ARE ALREADY IN PRINT. (She proved that the editing services I trusted from the vanity publisher really aren't worth the cost per word.) While I learned a lot for a steep price, it's a massive relief to finally walk away from iUniverse.

Hidden Magic is no longer contracted to them as a title. The process of taking Hidden Magic back and publishing it myself has begun, a little sooner than I anticipated actually, but here I am. There are still some things to sort out, potential stock of the book available for me to acquire and sell in the meantime. My priority for now is finishing book three and handing that bohemoth off to my dear friend and editor. Once that is done, while I wait for the editing I will have the time I need to teach myself how to use my formatting software to create the book cover and interior files that will go to the printer. Honestly, I'm not surprised my heart always leads me to things I've just got to learn how to do myself. I've never let it stop me.

I can't exactly provide a timeline at this point. The editing of book three will take time and more than likely I will be able to re-release Hidden Magic before book three is finished with editing. Come January/February I will have just one more year to wait before I can terminate the contract keeping Lost Prophecy at iUniverse. So this will be a bit of a strange transition period with a re-release of my debut novel, the publishing of my third novel, and then finally the re-release of my second novel. It sounds like a spectacular mess, but that about sums up my psyche so why should the pursuit of my dreams be any damn different?

I've accepted at this point in my life that I need to take the pressure to support myself off of these books. That expectation has done nothing but impede my confidence in doing what I love: writing. I am currently a substitute teacher and (go figure) teaching myself how to tattoo so that I can start a far more reliable career focused on creativity. I have more news to come, like the start of other book-related projects and a patreon account in the near future.  Stay tuned for more news.

Thanks for reading.



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