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THIRD Edition!?

I have been quiet about the book since the initial release at the start of February. The reason why being that I was having the book worked on! Guess what! Hidden Magic is now on its THIRD edition!  What are the differences? Well I wasn't happy with the book size AND we found six (YES, SIX) errors in the book! Unfortunately, there was very poor communication from my publisher and that story is a blog in itself. So how do you know what EDITION you have?

FIRST edition: Check the page count. If your book is 289 pages long, this is the 1st edition. It is 6x9"  and (I challlenge you to find them!) has 6 errors!

SECOND edition: this  edition was the unplanned child. Due to misunderstandings and miscommunications  the book went to print after being resized (5.5x8.5") but BEFORE we sent in the corrections that needed to be made. This edition was being printed for just a few weeks and so THIS edition will probably be the most RARE edition of the book.  If you bought your book BEFORE March 9th and  the page count is 324, then you have a 2nd edition! To be honest, I'm not even sure this edition exists beyond the 2 copies in MY possession.

THIRD edition: This brings me to my HAPPY announcement that my book is as perfect as I dreamed it would be! If you ordered the book AFTER March 10th then this is the edition you will have.


As a self published author (I can call myself an author now!) I wanted to provide a book just  as good as those published by traditional houses. I am not ashamed to say that I invested a lot of money to ensure that Hidden Magic is impeccable. Industry standard for acceptable number of errors in a book is 2-3. Naturally, six  errors was NOT acceptable. Now Hidden Magic has (dare I say it?) no errors!


They are now printing my BULK order (280 books) which will be on their way to Yuma, AZ very soon. That means that I will be in Yuma, AZ again very soon! 

~ CC



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