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When Is Book 2 Coming?

It has been far too long since I have written a blog,  certainly not for a lack of writing, but rather because I have been writing. As more and more readers ask me about the continuation of Hidden Magic, I feel the mounting pressure to get book 2 published as soon as possible. But what matters most is that the second installment of Nicole, Raiden and Gordan's story is the best that it can be.

I have been working on rewriting a portion of the second book, which has been 'complete' for several years now. While most people seem to accept the time it takes for an author to craft their beloved stories, the amount of time and work that goes into the publishing process is little understood by anyone who has not gone through the trouble of publishing a book. As a storyteller I wish it was as simple as finishing a book and delivering it into the hands of those anxious readers waiting to find out what happens next. Unfortunately, to create the stunning finished product that sits on Barnes & Noble book shelves, the book and myself must go through a 10 month process from submitting the manuscript as a digital file, to having it professionally edited, and the physical cover and interior of the book formatted.

On the first of April 2015 I submitted Hidden Magic to my publisher iUniverse. It took me years of chasing down the traditional publishing dream to realize that what I needed more than a literary agent and a contract with a publishing house was to give myself permission to believe in myself. That is why I finally decided to move forward with self publishing. I realized that I needed to stop searching for some agent with  connections to validate my dream. I knew that I had created something special and I was going to see it come to life.

I am nearing the point where I will be starting this process all over again, submitting another book, working and waiting (a lot of waiting) while each step is completed, to see another piece of my dream become reality. The most exciting part is knowning that I will get to experience this incredible journey again and again, for the 3rd book, and the prequel, and the many books and stories to follow in this growing world I have created and readers are falling in love with. Most importantly I get to share another book with readers, and another, and then another. I want to spend my life doing just that, storytelling and getting to meet the readers who bring my world and characters to life.  With that I must leave you, because I have left Nicole and Raiden in hanging in their current troubles and it is time for me to return to them so they can play their story out. Rest assured, I will do my very best to keep you updated on the progress of 'Lost Prophecy' and when it will be released next year.

Thank you, my friends! I will write again soon.


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