Hidden Magic

The Portal Opens

When a portal opens and a stranger from another realm comes crashing into her life, Nicole thinks it all couldn’t get any more unbelievable…until she discovers a terrible power has been hiding inside her and it’s ready to break free. She soon learns that her newfound magic has a dark side and it comes with dangerous enemies. As her life turns into chaos Nicole will question who she is, who she can trust, and if she and her new friends can change the deadly fate she seems destined to share with the rest of her kind.

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Praise for Hidden Magic

“Hidden Magic an extremely well written, character driven book with a strong plot, making it a must-read for anyone who enjoys reading anything “otherworldly” and [will] have fans watching for Rae's next book…one of those books that will pick up momentum the longer it's out.”
– Judge’s Remarks: WD 2016 Self Published Book Awards

“The characters are believable and the author’s smooth dialogue and action move the story forward with excellent pacing…entertaining and engrossing. I felt as though I was right there with the characters…sure to keep readers looking for the next installment.”
– Judge’s remarks: WD 2016 Self Published EBOOK Awards

“Hidden Magic: The Portal Opens breathes new life into the urban fantasy genre. A novel take on the typical fey mythology, strong characters and strong character dynamics coalesce into a page-flipping adventure. While it is obviously aimed at fantasy fans, readers of character-driven adventures should also pick up this first installment before the series takes off."
– Clarion Review


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