So Many Changes

For the better part of 2018 my life seemed to be a parade of failure and mishaps around my efforts to gain momentum with these books and prove that this crazy dream is actually getting me somewhere. From full on anxiety melt-down in the middle of a family vacation, taking Hidden Magic out of print with my original self publisher so I could go it alone and publish it myself, to a 6-vehicle accident that totaled my car which took me to college and to every out of town signing I’ve done since first publishing Hidden Magic. 2018 was…messy. Oddly enough, I managed to walk away from every upset with something good concealed by the initial fallout. Botched Seattle signing (they didn’t order books) got me another visit to my favorite city. Totaled car and lost friend led me to the car of my dreams I didn’t know would make me so damn happy (her name is Hecate.) Expensive mistakes and publishing decisions pushed me into a defiant search for something better and now I’m my own publisher and the new edition of Hidden Magic is the most perfect incarnation of a dream thirteen years in the making. Lost Prophecy will follow suit in roughly a year as it is tied to my first publisher until January of next year. But until then, these books and I cannot be stopped. Thankfully, I feel like I’ve finally managed to get hold of the reins here. I have taken the website into my own hands now which might be the most exciting part of all this. There are many more changes to come and I cannot wait to share them. Book Three is on its way and I’m honestly itching to hold it in my hands so I can place it in yours. There will be a lot more activity here, now that I’ve got the keys to this house it can actually be the home for everything I create. Until next time!


Chelsea Israels