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C.C. Rae

I grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and Autism.  I didn’t connect with most of my peers. The only time I didn’t feel alien was when I was immersed in fantasy. Playing ‘make-believe’ and creating other worlds to visit was the only way I could connect with any of my classmates, even well into high school. What began as an escapist daydream grew into something much, much deeper.

More about me? I'm just a vintage 1990 millennial born in the Bermuda triangle and raised in the desert. I went to the University of Arizona and earned a double bachelor's in English Literature & Creative writing and haven't stopped studying how to become a better writer/storyteller ever since. While I have always excelled at the creative passions I've fixated on since childhood, I struggled with everything else

after leaving my comfortable world of academia and attempting to turn those passions into a livelihood. In the 7 years after graduating, I went without much financial success. My steady descent into depression ultimately led me to my ADHD & Autism diagnosis at 31. I experienced the loss of my once steadfast passions and determination to pursue them. Proper mental health care and my diagnosis gave me an understanding of myself and my struggles that I never had before. Like magic, my passions rose from their own ashes and my drive to do what I love for a living has never been fiercer.

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