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The Council is dead. The Courts have fallen. But the fight is far from over. With the keys to the realm around their necks, Nicole and Raiden hardly have the chance to breathe before the role of Kings sweeps them into the heart of Veil. Raiden just wants to keep Nicole safe, and the fated Palace of the Keys seems the only place in either realm where Venarius can’t touch them. Nicole knows she can’t hide from Venarius forever; but she can’t shake the horrors of the Courts, or the deepening fear that the people she loves will be endangered because of her choices.


To lure out their enemy, Nicole and Raiden travel across Veil under the pretense of their kingship. As the realm teeters on the brink of instability, Nicole and Raiden hope to find allies in the leaders of Veil’s old kingdoms, but members of Dawn are everywhere. While Venarius observes Nicole and tests the protections around her—Nicole must find a way to live her life despite being on the royal stage on which she’d rather not be standing.

Dragon King: Ruler of the Realm (Hardcover)

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