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It’s been a week since Raiden ran through a portal and straight into Nicole’s life. Now she lives on the run, and every hour she stays anywhere means a portal might open and allow her enemies to track her down. As her foes race to find her, Nicole and Raiden search for a way to stop them.


Raiden will have to make a difficult choice to protect Nicole, and she learns just how far she is willing to go to keep her loved ones safe from the crossfire.  In Raiden’s absence, Gordan grows closer to Nicole and discovers that his debt to her is not what it first seemed. As he watches Nicole struggle with how her enemies are changing her, Gordan will have to set aside his newfound happiness to provide her with the chance to find her own. But when Raiden uncovers the truth about the fera and the plans her enemies have for her, Nicole realizes she will have to embrace the monstrous identity she has been trying to avoid to take her life back from her enemies.


Lost Prophecy continues the tale of a young woman trapped between two worlds as she struggles with her incredible powers and her seemingly dark destiny.

Lost Prophecy: Realm of Secrets (1st Ed. Paperback)

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